A Coaching Style of Leadership will benefit all leaders with direct reports who would like to guide team members through change, improve performance, and build accountability.

  • Your leadership DNA, the art of being the leader you need to be in that moment.

  • Emotional Intelligence - determine what your impact needs to be and help others become self aware & self regulate.

  • Develop a coaching mindset, learn the latest coaching principles and competencies.

  • Overcoming tough coaching challenges such as delivering difficult feedback in a way that promotes constructive outcomes and change.

  • Increased self awareness through the coaching practice that will further your professional development and leadership capacity in general.

Your Coaching Coach

Marderé Birkill, MBL, CEC, PCC

  • Marderé Birkill

    Executive Coach & Principal Consultant

    Marderé Birkill

    Meet Marderé, a dynamic instructor with over 20 years of executive leadership, consulting, and coaching experience under her belt. She's a master of strategic planning and execution, and a Professional Certified Executive Coach with more than 2000 hours of coaching. She held senior roles in both public and private organizations, including Vice President Academic at Portage College and Executive Account Director in the IT industry. But her accomplishments don't stop there - with a Master's in Business Leadership, Marderé has developed and taught countless university-level business administration courses. Her passion for teaching led her to launch Sage & Summit Consulting in 2016, where she coaches leaders on navigating the complexities of stepping into a new role, and how to create synergistic high-performance teams. Marderé is known for her exceptional communication skills, transformational leadership style, and innovative problem-solving approach. She has led internal and external teams, committees, and boards to unprecedented success, and she's always eager to share her insights and strategies with others. As an engaging speaker and facilitator, Marderé has a natural talent for inspiring dynamic participation in her audience. Her experience working internationally has equipped her to work with diverse groups and complex human dynamics on multiple levels. Whether you're a seasoned executive or a budding entrepreneur, Marderé's expertise and enthusiasm will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take on any challenge.

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What do other leaders think of this course?

The training felt comfortable, but challenging at the same time. I was able to get out of my comfort zone to tell life stories with strangers. Mardere recommended books as well. Great job! | Very knowledgeable and supportive. They explained the process and specific goals. Was very interested in my goals and take aways. Would recommend this training to co-workers and others. | Would recommend this training to co-workers and others. (A team of managers in Washington State)

Course Material

Included in this course you will find:

  • A 100 page workbook (digital or printed, your choice)

    The workbook contains examples of coaching models and methods, scenarios where coaching will be a great addition to your leadership practice, and many thou8ght provoking questions.

  • A Trimetrix EQ Assessment

    Coaching requires a sharp emotional intelligence from your side. As part of this course, we will be working on increasing self-awareness and regulation as well as social awareness and regulation. The assessment gives a baseline of the strengths and areas to build on.

  • Monthly Rocket Sessions

    Once a month, in between the workshop sessions you can join the group online to practice, solve coaching-related problems, troubleshoot coaching approaches, or just hang out and learn. This is also a great place to brainstorm challenging coaching cases.

Course Schedule

1/2 day sessions are offered every last Wednesday of the month, in person at King's University, 50th Street Edmonton. The Rocket sessions are on zoom. Course start date is March 29, 2023.

Course Schedule

The next course starts 29 March 2023

It will be offered in person, every last Wednesday of the month. Our rocket sessions are held in zoom.

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I'm ready to learn how to adopt coaching in my leadership practice.

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A message from Coach Marderé

Why a Coaching Style of Leadership?

Imagine team players with problem solving skills, ownership and accountability

Become a better leader. Save your time, and increase accountability and results in your team. Help your team members reach their potential and support the objectives of your business. Build a leadership culture that supports professional growth and retains great talent. The assumption that leaders know how to coach can lead to missed opportunities for impact. Coaching is a leadership skill that can be learned.
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Why a Coaching Style of Leadership?